I Love the Internet Vol. 5

I know it has been a couple of weeks, but I still love the internet. I love it for a lot of reasons. Here are a few.

Without the internet, and Kelley Nikondeha I never would have known about what is happening in Burundi, or that these amazing women had a singing, dancing, glorious protest on Mother’s day.

So on a quiet Sunday morning 300+ women walked the winding roads of Bujumbura right into the heart of the city. They prayed with their feet. They sang. They danced. They defied the no-protest order issued by the government just the day before. -Mother’s Day in Burundi

Esther and Emily got real with each other and everyone is better of for it.

I have never made an overture to connect with Emily Freeman, even in these two and a half years of being a blogger and reading her stuff. I have never bothered to show her my face, let alone gift her with my wisdom or my true things. I have already decided for her, that she wouldn’t like me. Before she ever had a chance to decide for herself. -Sitting on a Bench with Emily Freeman

When I read her post, I saw her words as a vulnerable gift, as they reflect a soul that’s similar to my own even though our lives are different. I do what she does, too. I form other people’s opinions of me for them too.

I shut people out and lock myself in even though I know better. –What Everybody Ought to Know about Self Reflection

Shawn Smucker gives it to us straight. I have paid for writing communities, and don’t regret that decision, but I do think people often offer more than they have to give. Be careful, if people could guarantee your publishing dreams, they would likely charge a lot more than a few hundred bucks.

Here’s the point: There are a lot of people out there who KNOW that this is what you want. They also know what to say to make you feel validated, make you feel important, make you feel like the writer you are. And because they know the right things to say, too many of you are following blindly. You’ve swallowed their message hook, line, and sinker, and now you’ve got your wallets out and have your credit card ready. -A Short Note To My Fellow Writers: Be Careful

The internet is forever; sometimes that is awesome. If you haven’t read this oldy but goody from Jen Hatmaker, do it.

So, Mom out there sending Lunchables with your kid, making her wear shoes with holes becausewe’re.almost.there, practicing “auditory reading” with your 1st grader, I got your back, sister. We were awesome back in October; don’t you forget that. We used to care, and that counts for something. Next year’s teachers will get a fresher version of us in August, and they won’t even know the levels of suckage we will succumb to by May. Hang in there, Mama. -Worst End of School Year Mom Ever

And lastly, I love the internet because it gives one of my students a fighting chance of getting a violin. He has a viola and is SO talented, but a violin would allow him to get more paid gigs. His family could use that. Oh, and it would help his Julliard chances. The deal was that if he figured out and produce a good looking campaign I would share it. Every dollar AND every share helps.

My name is Jachai Wilmont. I’ve play the viola for six years and the violin for two, but at the moment, I only have a viola. I would truly love to have a violin to enable me to expand my musicality. It’s been a struggle to know that I have the potential to be a successful violinist and to not have a violin to practice and get better. I am so intensely into the passion of playing the violin and viola that I never stop thinking about it. Jachai’s Violin Fund

He is already preemptively grateful.


3 thoughts on “I Love the Internet Vol. 5

  1. One of the great privileges of my Christian life was delivering the violin to Amanda that our small group bought for her the Christmas of her (HS) senior year. Two years later I spotted her in a picture playing that same violin in her University’s Orchestra. It was sweet. Praise God. Where do I send the money?

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