I love the Internet! Vol. 3

Well this is a week that I for SURE love the internet. It is Spring Break and my little family is in Savannah, house sitting for a friend that I met on the internet. A total soull sister who can read about right here. I asked her if we could come visit for a few days and she said she was going to be out of town. So I asked if she needed a house sitter, and SHE SAID YES! And the most hilarious thing ever is that she thinks we are doing her some kind of favor by hanging at her adorable house and letting the neighborhood kids play on her backyard court and hitting the beach every day. I mean…someone had to take one for the team.

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Christian charity is so hard.

Meanwhile on the Internet, some really amazing things have been happening.

Esther Emery Got a book deal! and posted this particularly amazing Easter piece.

“I do not wish for you that Easter would find you without a church to call your own. Nor do I take this for myself, forever. But it is my truth today. Today I will sing Alleluia with flowers and children for company. And here among us, too, Christ is risen. I know. The flowers told me so.” -When the Flowers Take the Pulpit

Tammy Permultter posted this a week or so ago and I adore it. I kept forgetting to tell you. Tammy’s daughter is on the autism spectrum and I love the grace that Tammy parents with, the grace for herself and her daughter.

“Mike steers her into the bathroom and explains to her that Don is very sick and has lost a lot of weight. They come out, and Mike sits on a stool by the bed as Phoenix settles into his lap. Mike tells her to hold Don’s hand to let him know they are there, so she takes his long, thin fingers in her tiny ones.” -Losing Friends, Finding Nemo and all the Life in Between

Tanya Marlow got angry at the Mudroom, and felt that maybe Jesus understood.

“And I know that Jesus’ anger differs from my anger, but maybe it’s not as different as we think. He got angry on behalf of others, whereas at this very moment I am angry on behalf of my own injured self—but today, grinding my teeth in my bed, I wonder about the similarities between our anger. I wonder if Jesus felt that burning in his stomach, the adrenaline pumping in his veins, his hands shaking as he finally gave physical expression to the fury he felt at injustice.” -When Good Girls Get Angry

D.L. Mayfield gave us a heartfelt update on ordinary life and transiitons.

“But still: that is a whole dang lot of transition. I sit on my bed and try to contemplate it all but I can’t. I think about the past almost-3-years, the lessons we have learned about community and simplicity and service and celebration. I think about my present, how currently it could change day-to-day.” –notes from a place of transition

I’m a total Suzannah Paul fan and I love this one on her beloved city Pittsburgh. She mentions The Pittsburgh Project, where my youth group served one year. That week had a major impact on me.

“When we discovered a third floor walk-up in a brick Bloomfield row house, we knew our little family of two had come home to the East End at last. Boasting a sunny kitchen outfitted in fifties-era fixtures and compact appliances, Hobbit ceilings, and actual sleeping quarters, the apartment felt palatial at $325 a month. So what if it was accessible only by fire escape and lacked a bedroom door? The Shire was ours, and God bless the youth group parents who dropped off teenagers in the back alley for dinners and movie nights.” -Wherever I’m With You

And, perhaps most importantly, if you aren’t familliar with the work of Austin Channing, now is the time. She is speaking boldly and prophetically about race and reconcilliation. I met her last year during spring break and cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned simply by listening when she speaks. She reminds me why I love the internet. Because people who have so much wisdom, just hand it out.

Black bodies running. Black bodies scared. Black bodies falling. Black bodies in the dirt. Black bodies in pain. Black bodies silenced. Black bodies unarmed. The broken black body has too often defined our American experience.-Nice is Not Enough

What did you write that you are particularly proud of? What did you read that you just loved? Let me know in the comments, and if you write something next week you want me to see, tag me on Facebook or Twitter.

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