I Love the Internet vol. 2

It has been a week, and it turns out I still love the internet! If you write something awesome please let me know. Tag me on Twitter or Facebook so I can come back to it easily. So, without further ado, this is why I love the internet.

Ed Cyzewski had my favorite April Fools joke. I love jokes that poke fun at culture that needs a closer look.

“These are direct commands from scripture. We need to stop picking and choosing which parts of the Bible we’re going to obey, and start picking and choosing—compulsively even—from our dinner plates.” –The Toddler Diet

Natalie Hart shared about her ministry being a soccer mom in a school where very few parents are stay at home or work from home. I have seen the difference bringing snacks and giving rides can make. Seriously, life changing.

“But, for now, I will drive. I will buy way too many bags of Cheez-Its and boxes of granola bars. And probably Krispy Kreme for the last game. And love every minute of it” –Ministry of Rides and Snacks

Heather Caliri wrote for The Murdroom Blog about how we attempt to grow grass in the deserts of our lives and how maybe we should stop it.

“I wonder why we turn our souls from the desert even though it is all around us, whether we live there or not.On this soul-parched earth, we are all of us desert-dwellers. We are all waiting thirsty for living water. Let us not cover over the dry soil. Let us hold hands and acknowledge each other’s thirst” – When The Rain Does Not Come

The Caiobhes Blog had a great piece about Holy week and what it feels like when life gets in the way. I am having a very strange Holy week and this is really resonating for me.

“It’s Holy Week. My week hasn’t felt very holy. It’s been busy and tiring. With children on school holiday I’ve had people with me all the time. I’ve been managing their needs and my needs. We’ve met with friends and taken walks. Played games and eaten meals.” – My Unholy Week

Rachel Held Evans has written this week about the women of Holy week. I am being challenged and encouraged by her thoughts. Both were great but I really loved this one.

Just as Jesus predicted, most of the Twelve abandoned him at his death (John 16:32). But the women remained by his side—through his death, burial, and resurrection.  It is during Holy Week that the stories of these women really shine. The Women of Holy Week Part 1″

Sarah Bessey’s writing is always beautiful, but she has had a baby recently and the raw, precious new life seems to be enfused right into her words.

“These are the days when the death of winter, the stripping away of it all, is humming towards the renewal of spring and we can feel it, feel it right from the dirt and the water, the trees and the very air – life is coming, blooming, and God, it’s beautiful.” –We were loved right to the end

As  for me, I had a pretty quiet week. I did manage to link up with Tara Owens as I wrote about Embracing my body and how difficult it can be for me to really be physically present. I also was published at The Mudroom Blog today, talking about how I am just not built to chase storms. I really love that space and am continually grateful I get to be a part of it.

Happy Easter everyone! May we lean into the idea that Christ has risen, and that Christ is coming again.

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