Girls Can Do All the Things

March is Women’s History month. I know because in the fourth grade my mom was concerned we weren’t getting enough women’s history in school and suggested to my teacher he celebrate Women’s history month. He agreed and we did an awesome project about famous women in America. When people ask me who my favorite feminist is, there is no question. Juliette Low. She founded the Girl Scouts and I was one for twelve years. It had a major impact on my life. I am so excited to be writing for the Mudrooms awesome theme this month. 

Juliette Gordon Low founded the girl scouts because she had been hanging out with the Boy Scouts founder and thought, well, why the heck weren’t girls encouraged to go hike in the woods, build a fire, swim? She liked all of that stuff.

When people think about women who have made a major impact on this world, I feel like Juliette Low often gets overlooked. I mean, so she founded the Girl Scouts, so what? They make a mean cookie, but do they actuallyhave an impact on the world?

Yes. They do. I know because the Girl Scouts had a major impact on my world. I don’t know that it was initially up to me, whether or not I wanted to be a Girl Scout. As the third daughter of my very pro Girl Scouting mother (she ran at least two troops for most of my childhood) it was just assumed.

Join me in the Mudroom to learn more about my favorite feminist, and why I hope to be like her. 

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