Amazing Opportunities: An update

Hi! There has been a lot going on around here. A lot. And most of it doesn’t show up here, on this space (or to many of you in your email boxes). I thought I better run it down so that we were all on the same page.

1. Most of you probably know I will be giving a Tedx Talk on October 17. They interviewed me here. I am excited and nervous. My talk is in direct conversation with my most viral post ever.  I would appreciate your prayers and good will, and you can even stream it live if you want to! I would LOVE to have that happening.

2. I thought it would be fun to sell T-shirts that have the thesis of my Ted Talk on them. (There are other styles and colors available).


They print in a few days! Get yours. It is tee-spring campaign so if we don’t get twelve more sold we don’t get to have them. So, buy your t-shirt. Andrea designed them for me. She is super talented. I should have the kids version up in a week.

3. I was on the radio! The Word in Pittsburgh emailed me and asked me if I wanted to be on the radio and I said yes. We talked about this post and kindness. Every year I teach I am more convinced of the deep witness being exceptionally kind is. They were wonderful hosts and I felt very lucky they asked me.

4. Story Coaching. I am a trained story-coach through the Story Unfolding, but no longer work for them so I am available to you! What the heck is story coaching? Well, for me it often looks like talking through your next project, figuring out how to get that one thing that won’t leave you alone to fit in your life, and just plain believing in something that you really want even when you aren’t sure it is possible. With my ten years of classroom teaching, I have prompts and exercises for days, that my students tell me do not suck. So you always wanted to write that thing? Let me help. My rates are flexible, because I believe everyone should get to have their dreams come true. Email me at accidentaldevotional at gmail dot com and we will figure out something that fits into your life.

5. Stay tuned for e courses. I have a super special DIY email based poetry with Jamie that should be out in a few weeks! And I also have a course called Dreaming For Your Real Life that is coming out the first week of November. In order to gear up for that, I have a new series called “Anatomy of a Dreamer” where I get to introduce you to all of these amazing people who are chasing their dreams in the midst of their day to day.  Look for the beginning of that on Monday.

I have a lot going on, and a lot changing. I value my readers so very much and covet your prayers.

All the love,


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