When The Shoes Don’t Fit, A Parable

You get bored in a meeting one day and decide what the heck. You need some new shoes. You wouldn’t normally be this cavalier with money, but you sunk a lot of your tax return into an Amazon gift card, so it doesn’t really feel like spending, even though your husband keeps insisting it is. Your Amazon prime subscription isn’t helping the matter, (though it has saved your household a number of times when you are about to run out of diapers and no one in your house has time to go to the store in the next two days).

So you go shoe shopping while pretending to pay attention to whoever your superiors paid too much money to talk to you all day. You really wish they would pay to get a clock in your classroom again. You suppose, you can’t have it all. And you find some really great shoes, black and shiny, gold and sparkly, some are on sale for 9.99 so you buy two colors. I mean, the shipping is free! You feel really good about your new shoe wardrobe.

You can read the rest here. Sometimes I write something I just really like. 

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