Let’s Meet at the Communion Table

I can tell when I have been spending too much time on Twitter. I roll my eyes a little more often. I write people off a littler more quickly. I over-estimate my ability to know all the right things and underestimate anyone who does not agree with me as an idiot. I am short on listening and long on telling you why I am correct. About the Bible, about God, about the world and the way it should be run.

Yes I can tell when I am spending too much time thinking about all the things people do wrong, and how I do them right. We like to pretend that social media created this problem in human thinking, but even Cain wanted to talk about the problem with Abel. Abel was not his problem, “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

I know when it has been too long since I have met my brothers and sisters at the communion table.

Twitter may remind me where you and I disagree, but it is the communion table that reminds me of our similarities. Mostly, that we are broken. As they break the bread and pour the wine, a symbol of the humanity of Jesus, I am reminded of my own humanity.

This is Christ’s body, broken for me. Because I needed it. Because I need it. Because I will need it. Because I am broken.

This is the blood poured out for me. But also, poured out for you. Because the grace that I cling too is also extended to the people who think differently than me. Even people who think differently about God. Christ’s blood is poured out for you meaning me, but also you meaning y’all, every person on or off twitter.

So when we unfollow each other for everyone’s mental health, when we push back and disagree, when we are sure that there is no way that we are even reading the same scripture, may we meet at the communion table, and remember that the humanity of Christ, broken for our brokenness, poured out for all.

Let’s meet at the communion table and remember the brokenness that makes us whole.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Meet at the Communion Table

  1. Amen. I wrote a little about this on Monday night – every month communion does this to me/for me – reminds me I am not alone, that we belong together. Thanks, Abby.

  2. Communion every week presided over by anyone who names Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and taken by anyone who names Jesus as Savior and Lord is one of the traditions I most cherish coming out of the second Great Awakening. Unity in The Spirit, in The Body and Blood, and in the gathering at the table. It keeps me close to Jesus and reminds me that He is God and I am not. Thanks Abby for the reminder of the reminder.

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