Scarcity In the Shower

Awhile ago I declared myself the scarcity hunter.

That feeling that there is not enough, that you better hurry up and get yours because whatever it is you are after is going to run out? The idea that if someone else gets it then you can’t have it to? Yeah. Scarcity is her name and I hate her.

I hate scarcity, and I had been working hard to build barriers in my life to keep the scarcity from getting in. But it wasn’t working. It wasn’t good enough. Plus, the scarcity barriers could only keep the scarcity from bothering me and maybe my girls, and I just hate scarcity so much more than that. I am not okay with letting scarcity snatch the abundance of life from anyone. I needed to go on the offensive.

So I did. I declared myself the scarcity hunter and asked anyone who wanted, to join me. I am a pack animal by nature (my spirit animal is a labrador retriever), so of course I hunt in a pack. But scarcity went on the offensive too. And this time, she caught me alone.

You can read the rest here. And if you haven’t signed up for my scarcity hunter emails you can here. New one comes out on Monday!

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