FFW, Frozen and French Food: What I am into April 2014

This month was busy. I know I keep saying that, I promise I will stop as long as it isn’t true anymore.

Spring Break!- I started this month with Spring Break! I am grateful I picked a profession where you still get one of those. No, I didn’t go Wild at PCB, I did something far crazier. I took a 2 and 3-year-old on what is usually a 10 hour trip to my parent’s house, (wait for it) by myself. My kids are awesome, we stopped for ice cream half way through and there was a bottomless snack bar of individually packaged goldfish/popcorn/fruit snacks/capri-suns. If you need someone to poke a straw through a juice pouch at 80 mph I am totally your girl. 

First Stop- Toledo where I hung with my parents, went to the church I grew up in, and saw a close friend from High school. 

Second Stop- St. Clair Shores where I hung out all day with my nieces and my own kids (five girls under ten my spring break was cra-zy) partially at my sister’s house and partially at the Burger King with a play place and free wi-fi. We hung out until we got the call that my sister had her baby (grand-daughter number 7 with no boys if you are counting) and we all piled into the mini-van to meet baby Anne. 

Third Stop- Festival of Faith and Writing, after I saw the new baby, I dropped my kids back in Toledo and headed to my friend Leanne’s house where I crashed for the Festival of Faith and Writing. She and her husband are lovely and her babies are totally charming. We kept it real with each other in all the best ways and sister can cook. Mmmmm. I met a zillion new people and affirmed how lovely so many other people were. I talked a lot about education and poverty, and was deeply encouraged to keep trudging with my writing pursuits. It was great and I certainly hope my spring break lines up again in two years.

Fourth Stop- Home. I got to my parent’s house at 1 am, finished talking to them about the Festival at 2:30 am (My friend Emily and I are shooting a video about this #extrovertproblems this summer.) and drove my children home the next day. On the way home my oldest explained to me that Bucky (that is what she named our mini-van) was sad because he couldn’t sing the Frozen sound track like her cousin’s mini-van. So, one small stop later and we listened to the soundtrack from Cincinnati to Atlanta. I got home at 1 am and taught the next day. I told you my spring break was crazy. 

Frozen- Due to the emotional pressure of my three-year-old to make Bucky happy, we now listen to Frozen any time we are in the van. Any time. From the beginning. The cutting part.

Food- At home I made an amazing meal Polenta casserole. It is easy, lean, and my Bible study LOVED it. My sister made it. She loved it too. I also made a delicious Easter dinner with Dr. Pepper glazed ham. I didn’t know, but now I know. Perfection.

While out on the town with my friend Jennifer, we has a truly amazing meal at the cutest french cafe ever (minus the ones in Paris). Brie on pretzel bread, Beef Wellington, Creme Brulee and champagne. Yes Please. It was seriously perfect. 

Friends- I had an incredible time at FFW mostly because of the friends there, and I would list them but I know I will forget someone. On the home front, my friend Vanessa took 2 hours out of her day to teach me about the rosary. I will post on that next month after I try it out for awhile. But seriously y’all, it was a gift worth mentioning.

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer (who I got to see again at FFW) go see what everyone is into!

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