Egg Hunts and Abundance

We went to the first annual 1027 church easter egg hunt yesterday. It was a little wet and a little chilly, and practially perfect in every way.

The weather had been cold and rainy the night before and part of the field was filled with water . Part that constituted half of the field was covered in water. The light misting continued through the  hunt and as a result the turn out sufffered. Every kid there could have filled a trash bag, and there still would have been eggs left. There was no maximum number you were allowed to pick up, no time limit, no need for an early start for the little ones. There was no need. There was an abundance. Everyone have as many eggs as you want! Parents! Do not tell your kids to stop! Please! Take some more.

There were so many eggs left after all the kids got bored of it, I packed up a couple bags full to take to my sisters house. She does an egg hunt with her neighbors every year, but didn’t have time this year to stuff the eggs. Isn’t that what Easter is about? Look at the abundance of God’s love for you! Take as much as you want, and then pack it up and hand it to your friends and neighbors. Hallelujiah! God is good.

We didn’t make it to the Good Friday service, or the Easter eve service. We were spent after the sunrise service, and went home for naps instead of hitting the 10 o’clock. But we made the extravagant egg hunt. It was the nest reminder of just how much God loves us. Hallelujiah.


1 thought on “Egg Hunts and Abundance

  1. Hi Abby, So glad you had an abundant Easter. I saw the pics you sent Emily. We had a nice time, too. Sylvia and Werner are very hospitable and generous. My little Sunday school class grew to 10 with the visitors plus every kid I had seen as a regular the whole year. We started with an improvisational happy dance to celebrate, complete with streamers – Jesus rose up from the dead (streamers up, etc.) Then we counted 3 of stuff that was in the room (3 red legos – they found an impressive collection). The DVD captivated as always and at least one visitor had never heard the Good News that Jesus rose from the dead. When you catch them at age 4 they are open to learning all kinds of things. Mim and group provided music for the service and Andy talked about Thomas – welcoming doubters A wonderful day. I read your Speaker pop up on your Blog – fix the verb in the first paragraph – there is a subject verb agreement problem. Also I wonder whether Harry Potter needs to be updated. Love, Mom.

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