Breakfast Quinoa, books and whimsy: What I am Into January 2014


Breakfast Quinoa– My mom has been trying to get me to eat breakfast in the morning since probably the 6th grade. But come on, nothing competes with more sleep. The fact that none of my clothes fit after christmas led me to decide it was probably time to switch up some of my eating habits. So I gave breakfast quinoa a try. Quinoa is a grain that is really a protein. I don’t really know, but it is good for you. Also, I can make five individual servings in mason jars with almond milk, honey and some berries. I gave it a week and found that I am not hangry (hungry and therefore angry) by third period. So, I am officially a fan.

Crock Pot Freezer Meals – You already know I have a deep love for my crock pot. One broke so I am down to one again.  Somehow I missed out on the fact that people are individually packing ingredients for one meal at a time in freezer bags. So, you wake up, toss the food from the freezer into the crock pot, turn in on low and leave. Dinner is already done when you are passing the pizza place on the way home from work. Dinner is already DONE so no need to grab something.

Bread and Wine- This cookbook interspersed with beautiful essays was the book I got for sisters and mom for Christmas. So far I’ve cooked the chicken chilli, a black bean version of that, the bacon wrapped dates, and the risotto. I have my eye on the steaks in the pan sauce.


Bread and Wine– Yes, the essays are as good as the recipes. Essays about motherhood, and love of food, and in general having big feelings? Yes please.

Eleanor and Park- A story about a girl struggling in poverty falling for an upper-middle class boy through comic books and mixed tapes? Yes please. I especially love the way that the every day struggle of poverty is handled in this book.

Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares- What can I say? I love YA romance novels I guess. Loved the total fun of this book. Yes it is ridiculous, no this never would happen. But it makes a good story.


Stitchfix I got my second fix this Wednesday and only ended up keeping one thing. But I still have high hopes for this clothes through the mail service. Weirdly, I have spent less on clothes since I signed up because I am NOT going to try on clothes with my children in the dressing room when I can wait for my box to arrive at my house.

Lipstick– I love lipstick. It makes me feel fun and pretty and put together in about three seconds. I finally finished the red lipstick I bought in college, and bought Revlon’s Love that Red. I do love it, very classic. I went looking for a purple-y color found a balm/crayon/lipstick by Revlon Colorburst. It was called whimsy, I was sold. It looks good with pretty much everything and it feels really good on my winter mouth.


On the Blog– My most popular post by far was the one about getting stuck in the Atlanta Snow storm. But the one that I am most proud of is probably Swimming in the Deep End about my nervousness in hosting the If gathering. (Which is next weekend! Eeeek!)

Elsewhere- I participated in an exercise with my friend Bethany where I wrote the truth of myself as I wrote the truth on myself. I was surprised at how cathartic it was.

Finally, I guest posted for my friend Sarah about darkness and how it has taken me awhile, but I am not afraid of it anymore.  I think the church does a really terrible job of guiding people through dark places. I hope I can help with that.

Book Writing Updates- I am trying to do another round of edits. Which is needed. I even found Alyssa to be partners with. But this time is hard and I have stalled out this week. Hoping to get started back soon. I am also querying agents, and as soon as I have news to report, you will know.

What I Wish I was into-

excercise Okay, I feel like there is no time. SO, someone help me? Think thirty minutes, nothing I need to buy, can be done in my own home. I need the internet to rescue me from my sedentary self.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast Quinoa, books and whimsy: What I am Into January 2014

  1. LOVED Bread and Wine. I’ve tried the Green Well Salad, Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Cassoulet. All of them will now be regulars. As far as the exercise part goes, I just signed up for the 28 days of pilates challenge over at The Balanced Life. Robin is posting a 5-10 minute pilates video focusing on a different part of the body every day in February. They’re short, but still challenging and I’m hoping a daily routine will at least cement the habit. Plus, I love Robin’s approach to fitness–it’s all about learning to love your body more and treat it well. Here’s the link if you want to join!

  2. I’ve pinned a few different breakfast quinoa recipes but have never tried them. You may have inspired me. I got into the breakfast habit when I did my Whole 30 in October but I’ve been pretty slackerish since the holidays. Need to get back on track! I feel like StitchFix gets better with each Fix, as your stylist gets a better sense of your style and fit. My next one should be here Wednesday.

  3. Boiled eggs are also easy. Boil a few, mark them with a B, refrigerate and you have protein for a few days. As for exercise, I am trying weights during the news – no weights? Try canned goods.

  4. Love this – SO much goodness here. I have been wanting to read Eleanor & Park for months – think I just need to break down and add my name to mammoth library waiting list. And Bread & Wine – don’t get me started, I loved that book so very much. I’m doing a Whole30 now (or attempting too…I’ve been a terrible cheater–so embarrassing). I love getting quinoa salads at the deli, but I need to learn to make them myself! Trader Joes has recently come out with organic quinoa that’s frozen–ready to eat and microwaveable. As soon as I’m allowing myself some grains, I’m going to use it for recipes! I also want to start getting stitch fix, and I love that you gave us the shade of your lipstick–I’m always on the hunt for a good one. Excited for you and your book – would love to hear what its about!

  5. visiting from Laura Kramer…
    oh quinoa I so wish I could get into this grain because I know it’s so good for me but alas I can’t do the texture 😦
    and exercise is obnoxiously difficult to be disciplined about!

  6. I enjoyed reading this, especially the post on your affair with writing. Sneaking off when I should be making dinner just to add another a few sentences is something that’s been happening for far too long. People, including me, are getting fed up with burnt dinners!

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