A Kick in the Rear

I am aware some people think I am obnoxious. I prefer to think of myself as exuberant.

I met my high school sweet heart when we were in elementary school. He showed up at my house with his big cousin, my big sister’s best friend, and I was hyper and yelled HI! too close and too loud and he literally sprinted out the door. My sister and his cousin had to go find him while I cried embarrassed in my bedroom.

I know I am too much some times. I have been pulled aside more times than I can count to be told while people appreciate my encouragement, it is too loud, too much, too critical. (I can’t help it, when I get really jazzed about something, I just want to make it BETTER!) Could I settle down?

I can’t. Not really. I can’t really settle down.

I never thought I had the gift of encouragement. That was for girls who had less opinions, said “go team!” and “great job!” on cue and in unison. Like actual cheerleaders. I am a little too pushy. Sometimes I pick up the dreams people abandon and hand them back to them. Sometimes they would rather leave them behind.

I know my brand of exuberant isn’t for everyone. I know people sometimes think it is obnoxious. But sometimes, people need pushy, if it is out of love. Isn’t another word for encouragement, a well placed kick in the rear?

I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Fridays. You should really check them out.

7 thoughts on “A Kick in the Rear

  1. Nice to meet you Ashley! You are so right. I tend to move slow and quiet, sort of snail like I guess you’d say. So I need folks like you to give me a swift “kick in the rear” sometimes. 🙂 Keep being who you are. God bless you and Happy Friday!

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