The place your feet touch the earth

I was asked to think about what colors kept coming to me as I thought about this year.

Color? Are you kidding me? Pshhh, this won’t resonate with me. I am a word girl.

I started a painting, or finished painting, or continued painting (I can never really tell with painting.) I kept picking up the bronze. The silver is too singular, the gold is too showy, the bronze has the earthy depth I am looking for.

Okay, so it is bronze…maybe. I do like the way this bronze is picking up the pink tones that are hidden about three layers deep that I forgot were there.

I was asked to look up the significance of the color that was standing out to us, coming to mind. Historically, spiritually what does this color mean?

What do you mean, what does this color mean. Colors having meanings, is that even a thing?

I googled it.

This is not going to be important. This is silly. God does not speak to me through google searches and swathes of color

It was the first hit. It was the first sentence in the first hit.

BRONZE or BRASS: stands for the place where we touch this earth: our feet.

Lately people have been posting, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, pictures of their feet, declaring that they will be where their feet are. The explanation of bronze went on to talk about it being sort of a glowing brown. The place where the earth meets the holy. The holy being us, the holy being our feet.

Do I believe that? Do I believe that anywhere I put my feet has the potential to glow with His presence? In my classroom, at the playground, in my car, in my kitchen? Can these spots also be Holy ground?

I would in the past have said of course, of course I believe in an endless supply of Holy ground, in all things being sacred. I blog at accidental devotional, my tagline says that God shows up. But lately I am realizing that if I want the place my feet hit the ground to glow with His presence, that I better be there too. All of me, paying attention, showing up.

My word is here and my color is bronze, the place where we touch this earth.

May I learn to leave footprints, glowing in the earth, because He was present, and I was there to notice.

7 thoughts on “The place your feet touch the earth

  1. Hmm. Color for the year. Word for the year. I will have to think on that for myself. I like to look at Gal. 5:26 for a word to focus on each year. Am I exhibiting more of the fruits of the Spirit each year? Which one needs my conscious attention in the coming year?

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