Yes, I am REALLY saying THAT on the INTERNET

My word for the year is unashamed. It has been wonderful, and freeing, but it has been real. Walking around unashamed is hard some days. What has been so surprising to me is how powerful the me too has been. Over and over again this year I admit something I have been carrying around with shame and the overwhelming response is me too. I struggle with that too.

Every time I publish THAT on the INTERNET someone emails or comments, me too. And I am loving the feel of freedom for me, for my readers, for my friends.

Today, in the spirit of unashamed, I am posting for my friend Nicole Romero’s Love and Making It series. The way that Nicole talks about beauty, bodies, and sexuality is wonderful. I am learning so much from her. I am honored (and a little nervous) to be discussing sex, and more specifically my hang ups with sex even after nearly ten years of marriage.

So, if you are prone to being shocked and a little embarrassed about the things I have posted in the past, you may want to skip this one. If not, you can join me over at Nicole’s place. Be forewarned I went there. I am proud of myself for that.



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