May You Always Play in the Rain

Juliet and Priscilla,

You played in the rain a few months ago. While everyone around you was huddled under the safety of the pavilion, you ran out into the open air and played in the rain. You danced with each other and laughed and laughed. Who wouldn’t want to play in the rain? You made it look so fun, a piece of me wanted to join you. A bigger piece of me now wishes I had. I got wet anyway that day, with none of your joy to show for it.

You exclaimed at the state of yourselves. My hair is wet! My dress is wet! The whole experience delighted you. The whole experience delight you so, that many a stranger were delighted with you, delighted in you. Those two gingers sure know how to play in the rain.

You kept inviting me to join you. You kept inviting everyone to join you. Playing in the rain is more fun when people play with you. I am glad God gave you two each other. I am glad you will always have a partner in crime. I am secretly glad you have each other for your shenanigans, and I am let off the hook. I can just watch from the sidelines. It is a joy of raising sisters, watching them take on the world together, without you.

I wonder if some days when you are teenagers, or freshly out of the house you will roll your eyes at your mother. Leave it to mom to turn everything into a metaphor. She was always doing that! Why can’t a new backpack just be a new backpack? You will secretly like it about me though, my propensity to see everything as a metaphor for life. And I hope you play in the rain forever.

May you always play in the rain my dear ones. May you always see the beauty of the water falling from the sky. May you raise up your face and open your hands and spin in joy at the newness it brings. May you shriek with laughter where others shrink away. May you always see the rain as an invitation to live life fully. May you always accept that invitation with abandon. My dearest daughters, may you always play in the rain.

All my love,


5 thoughts on “May You Always Play in the Rain

  1. One fine thing playing in the rain does for people is to connect our younger selves with us and with the players. Who hasn’t played in the rain?

  2. So lovely, Abby. I LOVED raising two girls close together in age (22 months). And I loved having their ‘surprise!!’ brother join them after 30 months. You’ve captured the joy of sistering here. Thanks for that. My kids are all still good friends and i’m so grateful for that.

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