Doughnuts and Getting Excited about October: What I am into September

It is that time again! September has flown by. Priscilla is officially two and knows it. Yesterday she took the big bowl of popcorn off the table and growled at Juliet and me every time we put our hands in the bowl.  We had an appropriate sized birthday party with a home made cake and two families for guests. She cried when we sang her happy birthday because she likes her sister to be the center of attention, and her the trusty side-kick. Then she opened her tea set from Grandma and got mad I made her share it. She didn’t want to open any other presents. After much persuading she opened her drum. We had a parade. I cannot believe that it is about to be October, MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Specifically, thirtieth birthday month!

Here is what I was into in September

Revolution Doughnuts: Christian and I have made a deal where we take turns waking up with the girls on Saturday. Every other one, even-steven. Sometimes, it is my turn to get up I would really rather stab myself in the eye. I am t-i-r-e-d. On those days we go to Revolution Doughnuts and then my world is happy again. The live music, the little toy kitchen the kids like to play in, the not even being upset when my kid pees on the floor. It is parental heaven and  the doughnuts are the best I have ever had. Holy-moly, these doughnuts y’all. I started with the spotted-trotter, a yeast doughnut with a caramel frosting like the one my mom used to make and call penuche, topped with bacon sprinkles. Bacon Sprinkles. I didn’t think it could possibly get better from there. Then I had the crunchy mister. Lord. Have. Mercy. It is like the best breakfast sandwich you could ever imagine. I literally started drooling when I typed that out. And one morning Rilla woke her sister and I up at like 7 am, so I got there in time for a cronut. Cronuts are doughnuts made from croissant dough. Yes. It is as good as you are imagining. Their fall flavors are out, pumpkin cake doughnut, neutella cream puffs, lemon curd filled, y-e-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s.

Grey’s Anatomy: I think I am going to try to stay current with this season, because I just watched the last season in about two weeks. My first year of teaching, (the one the manuscript is about) I would binge watch this season from DVD’s I rented from Blockbuster and episodes on And I would cry, for Meredith, and Izzy, and my students, and myself. I cannot explain how closely these things are linked to me emotionally. But it has been helpful to be watching the show again as I edit.

Fit for Lit: I ran (well about half ran) the Fit for Lit 5k which benefits the Literacy Alliance of Metro Atlanta. Y’all, people need to be able to read, like for real. You would be amazed at the sheer number of people who can’t and how hard life is when you can’t read. Anyway, the race benefitted that. It wasn’t too hilly. There were story book characters all around cheering us on. I got this awesome shirt that I wore to school that says “I put the RACY in LITERACY.” Then I found out my kids didn’t know what the word racy meant….and I felt old.

Ria’s Bluebird Cafe– After the race we had brunch at Ria’s and it was amazing. The nuetella stuffed french toast, the breakfast burrito, the eggs benedict with crab and steak. Everything that came to our table was so, so amazing. And the place is adorable, and eating outside by the fountain under the awning, it was just perfect. What we didn’t have were the pancakes, which the New York Times has named the best pancakes in the world. I will for sure be returning.

Music Together: My sister Emily is a music therapist. She does these amazing family music classes by a company called Music Together. So we get the CD’s for birthdays and such. I don’t mind them and the girls love them. Specifically, there is a song called Who’s Gonna Pick You Up, about how you stay different places but mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa come back and it is okay and they love you. There is a part that says “sometimes you miss them” that Juliet always miss sings “sometimes you hit them.”  I would correct her, but I am too busy laughing.

The Jesus Story Book Bible (Still)- Sometimes Christian reads the stories to the girls and I hear him in the other room, and I cry because YES that story DOES point to Jesus. You need this kids Bible, even if you have no kids. I have it on my Kindle for me.

Story Sessions 201– We are two-thirds of the way done and I absolutely would not have been able to edit without these ladies. I don’t know that Elora is going to have another section of 101 (which I also took) until January. But the online community is ten dollars a month. I am in it and it is worth every penny. If you want to just test the waters she has a retreat coming up. There are no words for how grateful I am that this community exists and I am in it. If you sign up for any of that, tell her I sent you!

October Preview- I turn thirty this month, and I have managed to jam pack the month totally full. I am going to have the first ever France girl weekend with my mom and my two sisters. We are meeting half way in Corbin Kentucky in a little cabin in a state park. I could not be more excited if we were meeting at an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas. A weekend with my sisters and my mom! Happy Birthday! Then I am coming home and my in-laws are going to come visit and Connie will clean my microwave and I will not have to cook for myself all week, and she will encourage me to go to bed early because I work hard and am tired (Yeah, I DO have the greatest MIL ever) and the day they leave my friend Alison is coming to visit! And we are going to laugh until we pee our pants and eat all the things.

The next weekend is my actual birthday. Friday I am co-hosting a party with my friend Brooke for 26 miles for 26 girls. Erin-Leigh is guest posting this week to tell you all about her amazing mission. I wrote about her first marathon here. But the girls need a second year of school, so Erin-Leigh is running a second marathon. Then on Saturday I have my last 201 call, my manuscript edits are due to myself, and I am getting my tattoo. Holy Crap. Thirty is going to be a big year y’all. I can feel it.

Then there is Halloween and I already let the girls run around the house in their costumes. They are going to be a cupcake and an ice cream cone and it is so hilarious and cute I just giggle when I see them in their little hats. We are going to ALL the festival things, because I want everyone to see them in their costumes. But just typing all this out makes me exhausted! I think it will be worth it. I guess we will both find out next month.

On the Blog- The Post To the Teachers Already Tired blew up, totally blew up in a way I was not expecting. But it made me realize that I am not the only one. We are tired y’all. The most amazing thing happened this month out of that though. I started asking my story session sisters to pray for me and my students. And they have, and I can totally tell. So, pray for a teacher, email them and tell them that you did. Ask if you can pray for the student who is the hardest to deal with every day. It matters so much.

Also, sometimes people drop prayer requests in my box and I am so very honored to pray for my readers. Please feel free to do that.

As always every month, I am linking with Leigh Kramer. It is the funnest link up ever! If you do it, let me know. I want to know what you are into too.

8 thoughts on “Doughnuts and Getting Excited about October: What I am into September

  1. Love that Music Together is linked to your blog!!! And laughed some tears about the wrongly sung lyrics! Can’t wait for our retreat either, and am a little concerned about the amount of times you use the word y’all in this post……

  2. There is a doughnut place with bacon sprinkles and you didn’t take me there when I visited?! We must remedy this the next time. We should also go to Ria’s. Glad Story Sessions is going well!

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