Putting Things Back

Because I am a lucky, lucky girl I got to read Addie Zierman’s forth coming book. I finished it in two days (a serious deal when you have kids as young as mine) and then drove it over to my friend’s house because YOU NEED TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW! It is hard not to be jealous of Addie’s writing chops. Luckily she is super likable and maybe one day I will get to have a drink with her on one of our back porches as her two boys and my two girls run crazy in the backyard. I am very flattered to be featured on her blog today.

At the end of every shopping trip, after I have checked my list and made sure I didn’t forget anything, andbefore I see if our favorite cashier is working, I look in my cart to see what I can put back.

I’ve never gotten through the process without humbling wheeling my buggy down a previously walked aisle and carefully placing whatever it is back where I found it. I worked retail too many years to just abandon things all over the store, however tempting it may be.

I’m not sure when I started putting things back. Maybe it was when my husband and I started actively tracking our purchases and I discovered I was spending a few hundred bucks every month on things that were “just ten dollars.”

I love this one. Won’t you join me in the comments over at Addies?

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