Thrifting and Candied Bacon: What I am into August 2013

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer again, because she is awesome (see below) and getting to know all y’all a little better is awsome. 


Every Shattered Thing by Elora Ramirez– A full review is here. You should read it. Three dollars on Amazon and it will mess you up in some most amazing ways. Buy it. Seriously.

The Jesus Story Book Bible– I have been reading this to the girls at night. It makes me weep it is so beautiful. I have had it in our house for a while but I am into it. It is likely I will be into it all year.

Early Autumn by Langston Hughes– I taught this for the first time last week. It about made me cry. Even the fourth time we read it. Oh the ending. Oh how I love it. My students loved it too.

This Assignment is So Gay – One of my dear friends edited this book of poetry. It is beautiful and hopeful and important. I never knew how much I didn’t know about being gay and teaching and how it makes everything more complicated until I started car pooling with Megan. This is the next best thing to being able to talk to her directly, two hours a day.

Look for in September, Reading Writing and Rising Up– I was reminded of this at the book panel for This Assignment is So Gay. It is the only text book I found value in in college. I need to dig it back out.


I have a new problem. Scouring thrift stores. I went with Brooke and Leigh when Leigh visited (see below) and now I can’t quit. A polka dotted dress, a desk, a chair, a loft for the girls (that both girls sleep in…) seven dollar cowboy boots, (I know!), a rought iron cross painted and distressed, two trunks that I took a phone call during church to get that sit at the foot of our bed, a cookie jar, a few funky lamps, a hammock. My husband says “I appreciate that you are getting a lot of good deals…but you are getting them all at once.” I am cutting myself off for awhile, but if you want to come over on a weekend, we can look for you!

Spray Paint

You know what makes your thrift store finds even better? Spray painting them some obnoxious color! Pink for the loft, light blue for my desk, turquoise, yellow, purple for things in my classroom. I have nothing left of mine to spray paint, but I would really love to help you make something bold and new. Seriously. Bring it over; I love spray paint.


Candied Bacon- Megan’s wife Mindy had a birthday and loves bacon. So I decided to candy some for her. Bacon with a light sprinkling of brown sugar in the oven on a parchment paper covered lipped cookie sheet. 350 degrees. It took me three batches, but I have perfected it. The trick is to let it bake for 15 minutes and then sit on the kitchen floor and watch it for the last 5, because perfect turns to burnt very, very quickly. Also, cut the brown sugar with cayenne and black pepper. Then it is perfect. Don’t eat too much. Your mouth says more, but your tummy says enough. You need to listen to your tummy. Ask me how I know.

Crock Pot Thai Peanut Chicken-This has been on my “to try” list forever. But salsa and peanutbutter in the same pot? That has to be gross right? WRONG! In true Abby fashion I decided to try it for dinner for Bible Study. It was delicious. One jar of salsa, one jar of crunchy peanut butter, two limes juiced and some fresh grated ginger. All over chicken thighs that you slow cook on low for six hours. Over rice it is delicious. And easy. And delicious. I licked the bowl.

Internet Friends in Real life

Leigh Kramer came to visit me. She wrote all about it, and didn’t even tell the whole world that she had to sit in my driveway for two hours while I took Juliet to urgent care because staph infections are like some kind of Old Testament plague. Lord deliver us! It was so fantastic, and she loves the Dekalb Farmers Market as much as I do, and what can I say besides she is as true and lovely as her blog, perhaps even more so if that is possible. She didn’t even tell y’all how crazy my kiddos are, gracious!

I was hanging out at the Decatur Book Festival to celebrate This Assignment is So Gay (see above) when Jennifer Upton walked by with her husband. She is a story sister, I know her heart because we are both in Story Sessions (ten spots still available! Just do it!). I yelled her name like a crazy person and ran through the shrubs to get to her. Just so I could squeeze her. I love that community, and the women in it, and how Jennifer has a deep love for things that others abandon that she knows are beautiful. I put three old window panes that were propped up against a dumpster into my van because I want to make them beautiful. This is because I know Jennifer, because she is shaping my heart.

Things that started

School started this month. So, officially crazy town has been entered. Three tenth and two ninth sections. Two team teachers, lots of kids. I think it is going to be a great year.

Also, I drafted a fantasy football team for the first time in a few years. Any hot tips welcome.

So that is my life…what about you?

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