What the early church can teach us….

This is my last blog post for Live58. I have really enjoyed blogging for them and hope you will go look at how they are ending extreme poverty.

Ever since middle school, I have always been smitten with the early Church. Acts 2 says they sold all of what they had, donated the money, and as a result no one was in need. If you think about it, the early Church essentially ended poverty, at least among themselves. I remember my friends and I marveling over that idea.

In college, my yearning for the early Church days became more extreme. If today’s Church would act more like the early Church, I mused, we would run out of room in our pews! Come on people, sell and share, sell and share, that is what the Church is about.

Now that I have a job, a house, two cars and a few pieces of furniture that aren’t secondhand (though they are from IKEA), I have some reservations. Is that really the way the Church is supposed to operate? If I sell my cars, my husband and I cannot afford to go to work. Don’t worry about me selling the house; we won’t have it for much longer.

Then there is my stuff. I like my stuff.

I wonder if selling all my stuff would mean all my stuff.

Does that include the quilt my grandmother made me as a wedding present, my wedding ring, my girls’ teddy bears? I haven’t used the battle cry “Sell and share!” for a very long time, at least not since I had anything of value.

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2 thoughts on “What the early church can teach us….

  1. Abby,
    Great stuff here! Here is the comment I left over at Live 58:

    I like your ideas of sharing stuff. We all need to do that more. I think we need to cultivate that attitude in our heart where we look for ways we can do that and also look for ways we can encourage others to do so too. I also think we do have the attitude that things we have are “my stuff” instead of “what God has given me to shepherd”

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