Is Anybody Listening?

This short break in my  coffee shop, husband has the kids. Why won’t the words come out NOW like I need them to, this book-writing idea is stupid, going to do it anyway. This rant is brought to you by Five Minute Fridays. I’ll be writing for five minutes. Let’s see what comes out, shall we?

Listen is the prompt. GO.

Listen. Are you listening? listen up please. Hey! You are not listening to mommy. That was good listening, well it is because you weren’t listening. That is danger! You have to listen.

Isn’t it always, perpetually the word that is coming out of my mouth. Listen. With a three-year-old and a not yet two, constant companions in this frenzied summer. LISTEN is not the soft and beautiful restful word that it is for others.

It isn’t that kind of word in the school year either. There is always something that has to be communicated, that day, that hour, that moment. Are you listening? This is important! If you don’t listen up you are going to have no idea what is going on! I need you all to listen!

But my children and my kids aren’t the only one I have been shouting listen at lately. Isn’t a query letter just a plea to beg someone to listen to you. Twitter is shouting into the world hoping someone will hear your voice. Blog posts written in the hopes that you have something worth listening too.

And the tragedies, inconveniences, frustrations, bizarre things that have been happening in a community I have become a part of making me rage at God. My sisters need help! Aren’t you listening! Are you hearing us, do you understand? We could use some help! Listen up already!

Is anybody listening?


Post Script- This is not meant as a plea for your validation. Please do not feel obligated to pet me. It just needed to get out.

9 thoughts on “Is Anybody Listening?

  1. Oh girl I HEAR you, I am listening!! I have some kids the same aga as yours and I too am always asking them to listen! “Listen and obay mommy” – must say this 1,000 times a day. I think you got it right- it isn’t just our kids we want to listen to us- we write hoping people will read a listen, we pray, hoping God will hear and listen to our hearts. Thank you for sharing! Stopping by from LJB and 5 min Friday.

  2. I’m listening. 🙂

    And I believe it for you when I can’t always for me – He is, too. Just because He isn’t speaking doesn’t meant He isn’t listening. The cries of His people always reach His ears.

  3. There is something to be said for “Be still” coming before “and know that I am God.” When I want someone to listen to me I often discover that I need to be the first listener. What is the other saying?

  4. Ah…a little rant is good for the soul. I loved this Five Minute Fridays subject!

    We all do need help, I agree! We pray in hope, right?

    Peace in Christ,

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