Unlikely Friends

I know it has been nothing but guest posts around here, and I appreciate your patience. We are making the grandparent rounds, so writing time is a little scarce and has been pretty much dedicated to the book. I know it is sometimes annoying to have to continually click links. I do value so much all of you who show up to see what I have to say, thank you.

This post is written for Mixed Up Faith, a really interesting series about inter-faith relationships. This post is particularly close to my heart, as is this relationship.

From the outside looking in, we could be a sitcom: Baptist mom who blogs carpools with Lesbian agnostic Jewish poet. Hilarity ensues. The only thing it looks like we have in common, is that we work in the same English department in the same high school. The same people sign our paychecks. Even our co-workers are taken aback when they realize how close we are. To be honest, it snuck up on us too.

I grew up versed in apologetic techniques. I have canvassed public parks and asked people if they were 100% sure of where they were going if they died, or if they really thought they were good people, even if they did one thing that was bad. The thing about those questions, is it doesn’t matter what the answer is. You still go on about your script, “and if there were a way to be 100 percent sure you could go to heaven, would you want to know?” I still believe in assurance of salvation, I just no longer believe in questions as a means to an end.

You can read the rest at Alise’s place, and be sure to look around. She has a unique and needed voice that I have really enjoyed getting to know.

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