Why Would I Ever Drink Coffe Again?

This is my final (and favorite) post for Live58. You will see me over there sporadically as I will be writing for them on a semi-regular basis!

I got a Keurig for Mother’s Day. I had been wanting one for a while, but we had always deemed the K-cups you need for the coffee maker—ahem, I mean, Single Cup Brewing System—as too expensive.

My husband tells me he just wanted to get me something I really wanted, but the K-cups are cheaper than the Dunkin’ Donuts habit I was developing.

If I don’t walk into my classroom with a cup of coffee in my hand, my students know to keep their heads down that day.

The quick-as-you-can-hit-the-button machine perched on my kitchen counter has done nothing to help me out of my coffee habit. It has now added iced and hot teas and flavored cappuccinos into the mix. When freshly brewed coffee only takes 30 seconds longer to make than a glass of water, why would I ever drink water again?

Click here for the answer to that question.

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