How to Be Satisfied with Radical Enough

This is the third in a series for Live 58. An organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2035. How amazing is that?

I am reading Tuesdays with Morrie with my 10th graders. I sit in the front and try not to weep over the beauty of each word of a wise and dying man, as my 10th graders roll their eyes a little and sneak glances at the cell phones that seem surgically imbedded into their hands.

Today we discussed the Tuesday on money. In the book, Morrie explains to Mitch that our society is brainwashing us with the idea that you need more. More, more, more. The idea of enough is truly counter-cultural. Morrie talks of distinguishing between a want and a need.

I attempt to bring this around to a class discussion, but my students—who just days ago were lamenting that they needed an upgrade on their iPhone—are strangely resistant to this particular discussion.

Apparently, at age 29 I am too out of touch to understand.

You can, and should, read the rest here. It is a good one. And stayed tuned for next week, because part 4 is the funniest thing I have ever written.

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