On Birthing Books

Open Book

What would it take for me to be split open? What would it take for me to be split open again?

I think about my girls, how they were literally birthed out of me. How my body made room for them, and it hurt in the moment, but in a way I knew was good. Yes I was being split open, but only because it was time for these girls to come out.  Of course I can have these babies. A woman’s body is made to birth. And if they never come out, won’t we both die?

I think about how worth it they are; how when I look at them I don’t feel twinges of the labor it took to bring them here. I only think of the joy that I have, watching them make their own way in the world. Would I be split open again to get something as wonderful as these ginger headed sprites? Loves of my life first and second edition? Of course I would. Without a doubt. How could I even question?

But those two lovelies, one proof of God’s promises, the other in the delight of His surprise, I was only in charge of housing them, stretching to make room for them. I simply waited as the master artist carefully crafted them, and when it was time birthed them into this world. Do I trust my hands to knit this all together like the masters hands knit my ginger headed girls? Do I trust that the split would be hard, but good? Am I willing to stretch myself as I make room for these stories to grow? Could I have the strength to birth these words, to know when it is time to push them out into the world?

My life was crafted to tell these stories. If I don’t birth these stories inside of me, if they never come out, will we both die?

2 thoughts on “On Birthing Books

  1. I thought you were going to comment on books about birthing, hee hee =-). I love you and will support the birthing of these stories, this book, in whatever ways I can!

  2. Abby you know we are made in God’s image and therefore destined to create. Each one of us does it in our own way and in his time. The story teller is probably closest to God’s creative venue of any artist speaking worlds into existence, using language to create what was not there before. The Lord bless you in this task which God dreamed for you before he started his own Creative process. May your readers see the spark of God in the worlds that you create. .

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