Real Talk: Stop crapping on teens

My first ever video blog! In a series I call “real talk” it is time for us toddler parents to stop saying mean things about teens, because HELLO they can hear us!

8 thoughts on “Real Talk: Stop crapping on teens

  1. Love it! I found myself nodding along.
    I’ve found that toddler parents are equally capable of demonising their own toddlers (e.g. “Here comes trouble”)…

    Loved hearing your voice too! šŸ™‚

  2. I am the mama of two teens (19 and 14)and a toddler! (18 months)And there have been some incredibly difficult and scary moments, especially with my oldest. But there are also some breathtaking moments of transformation that I’d not miss for the world. Thanks for the reminder, toddler-ness and teenager-ness are not to be feared.

  3. Yes! I also teach teenagers, and spent 2 years subbing until I could find a full time position. I was always way more anxious about subbing Kindergarten than Middle School. And one day my worst fears were realized when a small, shy Kindergartener peed her pants durning rug time.
    That never happens in my current job. šŸ™‚ Plus they get my jokes, which is another plus. You are right, Teenagers don’t have to be scary, and I’m sure it doesn’t help when we tell them from when they are tiny that they are going to turn into terrors.

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