Doing Justice in Suprisingly Ordinary Places

I was furious with God when I got the email. My school district had crunched the numbers and I was no longer needed in the gritty inner-city school I had hoped to spend the next thirty years. I was needed in the plush suburban school fourty-five minutes north. Righteous indignation does not begin to cover it. Why would God move me out of a place where I was caring for the poor? How was I supposed to do justice at a rich white school?

I had grown used to teaching in classrooms where everyone got free lunch, where mine was the only white face in the room. Now, I was attempting to navigate a classroom where kids who did not have enough food to eat were sprinkled among kids who wore 300 dollar boots and brought their iPads to school. In some ways my poor kids in the suburbs had it worse than my students in my inner-city school. When everyone is poor, you don’t have to try to hide it.

Today I have the distinct honor of guest posting at In a Mirror Dimly, Ed Cyzewski’s blog. In all the shouting of the internet, Ed is a gentle and gracious voice of truth. Please join me there.

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