Identity Crisis

I’ve known Elissa since before there was an internet. She was older, and thus my sister’s friend, and then you grow up and suddenly four years difference is really the exact same age. I have had a first hand look (through her blog and stolen conversations at church when I visit my parents) at how the Lord has shaped her life for this exact moment and place. When she asked me to gues post I jumped at the chance.

I, like most of the readers here, have been following the story of Max and his adoption pretty closely. I had the opportunity of meeting the little guy when he first visited the United States with journey’s of joy. I started praying then for the Lord to make him a Peterson and the Lord spoke back very plainly into my heart: He already is.

Those words sprang to mind as I was stalking Elissa’s facebook page while she was in Russia waiting on the Judge to deliver Max to her, and most recently when I saw this as her Facebook update: “Max bragging to his sister: Mom thinks I’m special!” It seems like maybe Max is beginning to believe the words spoken to a stranger brushing her teeth in her parents house. “That boy is already a Peterson.” Of course his mother thinks he is special. He is hers. He always has been.

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