It’s My Birthday! Who wants a present?

It is my birthday! One more year and I am old enough to get a tattoo! (I told myself a long time ago that if I still wanted one when I was thirty I could get one, because surely I would be an adult by then.) Needless to say I am looking forward to this next year. I think in my heart of hearts I have been thirty since I was about fourteen and am hoping for a stronger sense of peace as the two numbers become the same one.

I started celebrating last night by going to the Alanis Morissette concert. It was everything 15-year-old Abby hoped for. We are having a party later tonight where I am only serving s’mores. Because it is my birthday and I want to!

I was planning on buying A Year of Biblical Womanhood for myself for my Birthday, but I received an advanced copy (that I reviewed here). So, I am hosting my first ever give away! Leave a comment telling me how you found this little slice of the internet and I will pick a comment and send you a copy of the book. I will pick someone on Monday. (that’s my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!)

If you don’t win it, you should buy it.

Happy Birthday to Me!

15 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! Who wants a present?

  1. I found this slice of the internet via being Facebook friends with you! And working at camp that summer a few years ago. I love to read your thoughts and insights.

  2. I was just strolling through my usual stops of weather, talking heads, what trouble Linday Lohan got into this week, and other random siteseeing. When lo and behold, I stumbled upon a site talking about a new upcoming book from a woman who tried to live out literal Biblical womanhood. Apparently, there was a fuss because she lacked a vagina but was corrected that it was the book that would be lacking one but that too turned out to be a misnomer. I read more about this curious experiment and the buzz it generated on various Christian websites. One camp said that she was trying to mock Scripture and make bra burning vogue again, while others said she simply was trying to answer some difficult questions about the Bible through personal experience. After reading both sides, I concluded that the latter was the more probable motive given brassieres are expensive these days. Through the infamous hyperlink-chain-game (that is you start out reading about the Mississippi River on Wikipedia and end up 3 hours later reading about Quantum Physics Theory) I found Rachel’s blog and her Twitter account where an Abby Norman stated she was giving away a copy of the text. I’d much like to read for myself the adventures of Rachel becoming more ahem, “domesticated”, and what conclusions she came to exactly.

  3. I found you years ago when we both felt passionately about Jesus and appropriate semi-colon usage; the semi-colon love might have mostly been on my end. I enjoy your blog and discovered Rachel held Evans through you too! Happy Birthday!

  4. I first stumbled upon your blog on a rainy Sunday in May when I was too unmotivated to make the trek to church, but still wanted to spend some time with the Lord, so I googled “rain devotionals”. Up popped your “I will pay for rain” post, and it was just what I needed to hear/read!! I have been subscribed to your blog ever since then and I always save your blogs for reading just before bed so I have something worthwhile to ponder as I’m drifting off to sleep. I don’t know the book you’re giving away, but I thought now a good a time as any to drop a hello and a thank you! You have helped me, many times, without even knowing it. May God bless you and keep inspiring you with just the words I need tohear

  5. I found out about your blog from having you as a friend at church. You are a very gifted writer. God told you to write, and so you do. It has been very encouraging to me. I may not always agree with every single thing, but everyone needs a new perspective to glean from. Keep writing!

  6. I’ve only known you since I was 16. We have a history. And I will say, thank you for writing. It’s so nice to get a slice of real life and struggles. I love you babe!

  7. I found this little tidbit because you are my FRIEND and I always read your blog updates! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! 30 is awesome!

  8. I just wanted to say I love you. And I am so glad you celebrated your birthday by celebrating you! Thank you little cousin for encouraging me, for inspiring me, and for using your gift to help me (and others) grow. You are amazing!! (Alanis is also amazing; I have seen her 5 times in the past 17 years and she has never disappointed). Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Abby, you’re forcing me to like you many times this night – first on facebook and now on here. I have to openly, honestly, irrevocably admit that facebook overwhelms me these days because of multiple postings. And even though I have people in lists to help me sort through, I am sort of not going through each list, except I head toward my Atlanta list so I can read your blog. You are creatively gifted in thought, speech, word, heart and deed. Thanks for giving me life each day through our God. Anya

  10. I came across your your blog as I was browsing twitter…one click led to another (as these things normally do) and I love the perspective you offer. Just read you most recent post about chocolate, and feel like I could have written the same story. Read the Rage Against the Minivan posts, want to ignore, but feel like I can’t…and I think you are right. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all that we “should” be doing. We just have to take the steps of faithfulness as we can.

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