Mercy Matters

I am not exactly sure how I stumbled across Mercy Mondays, but I did and I am glad. Frankly, it is some of the best writing I have come up with in the past few months.

I read through some of my posts and some of the other posts that people have written about mercy (this guy is pretty wise), and I was reminded again that mercy matters. God’s mercy to me and my mercy to others. It makes a difference.

If you couldn’t tell from Sundays post I am perpetually burnt out. You know it is bad when your mom suggests going to see somebody and your response is that there isn’t room in the schedule. Then you start crying about it.

With everything I’ve got going on with me, I sometimes wonder if the small acts of mercy I am able to employ matter. Sometimes it feels as though I am attempting to empty an overflowing bathtub with a spoon.

What is the point? I ask myself. Why do I even bother? Reading through the posts for Mercy Mondays reminds me that mercy still matters. It matters because it is a response to the mercy the Lord had on us first. It matters because a small act of mercy from me has the power to be a monumental act of mercy to someone else. It matters because there are a whole body of believers, some have teaspoons, some have ladels, who are all trying to empty the same tub. On my own it is impossible, as a group it might even be kind of fun.

Mercy matters because God calls me to it. Mercy matters because practicing it brings my heart just that much closer to His. Mercy matters because little in the hands of God is much.

Linked with Mercy Mondays. Thank you Jenn! It has been fun.


4 thoughts on “Mercy Matters

  1. Abby, your being part of Mercy Mondays has been a lovely surprise. Thank you for this post (and the others). Yes, mercy matters. It really does. It’s hard to remember that sometimes, but you and the other writers who linked up helped me remember it and learn more about it.

    In January, I’ll be hosting another Mercy Mondays. I’ll keep you posted about it, and between now & then, I’ll be stopping by to read more of your writing.

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