Your soul for a Mocha

I woke up early this morning not so I could go put my grades in like I have been doing, but so that I could get a salted carmel mocha. I am aware that your facebook and twitter feeds have been blowing up with the words pumpkin spice. Your friends are wrong. The salted caramel mocha is the superior beverage for the fall. It is a fact. But I didn’t get to starbucks on time. I didn’t even get to school in time to teach my first period class. I ran out of gas.

This is the second time in two weeks that I have run out of gas. Perpetually running on empty is pretty much how we are running these days. Then on the way home from school my car died because apparently the filter gets clogged up when you let your car run out of gas too often.

This means that I am leaving for the retreat with my patient friend about an hour after we were supposed to GET there. I am so tired and burnt out that I don’t know that I could hear the Lord speak if he tried. Right now I would settle for a salted caramel mocha. How is that for trading in your soul?

What I mean to say is….pray for me this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Your soul for a Mocha

  1. I realize this is completely not the point of your post, but I am with you on salted caramel anything. I recently learned how to make them and holy crap are they amazing. Look for the Good Eats episode “Ballad of Salty and Sweet” if you want to give it a try – sooooo worth the effort.

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