Praying for Strong Daughters

I pray for my girl to be generous…………and get mad when she shares her lunch with the dog

I pray for my daughter to be bold, to question authority………….and am frustrated when she practices by questioning mine.

I recieve the word that she will bring change…………and am shocked by her fascination with the remote control and the button on the computer that brings the screen back. Can’t you just leave well enough alone? No, she can’t. This one brings change.

I want them to be strong self advocates……….and am annoyed by them asking for the one they really want rather than the one I gave them.

I have so many big dreams for my two girls, I pray big prayers over them as I pretend I am simply brushing the hair out of their eyes. I love them with a depth that brings me this much closer to God.

But it is exhausting, this raising strong daughters business. Everything you are hoping for when they are 18 and out of your house….. it is so hard to manage some days when they can’t even pee by themselves.

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