Happy New Year

The school year has started. And like what feels like every year before I have gone to a training where they throw a ton of new information at me, say something like “I know this is a lot, but hopefully in years to come we will not have so much new material….only there is yet to be a year where there ISN’T all new material. Georgia has adopted standards that over half the country is using so here’s to this year being the first year they mean that.

I had a colleague my first couple of years who would greet you with “Happy New Year” that first week. And it is. Teaching is cyclical in a way that very few proffesions are and it is the top of the cycle for me. To be honest I am already exhausted. I am hoping this is more because we ran out of coffee than anything else but I really can’t believe that I ran at this pace all last year. I was starting to get burned out already when the Lord left me a multitude of signs that his grace is both sufficient and extravagant.

-We went to the grocery store and there was a spot in the first row with a two seater steering wheel cart next to it. Empty and waiting just for us.

-I got zero dirty looks in response to the fact that the Rooster took her part of the cookie we were all sharing and smeared it all over her face and into her eyebrows (She is a much messier baby than her sister was) only kind comments about how cute she is.

-The Rooster crashed immediately

-The Peanut didn’t fight bedtime and when we went to go brush teeth she called the toothpaste “poo-taste” bwahahahaha.

-We saw J, M, and S tonight so their mom could go to work and she blessed each one about ten times.

-I set the timer for ten minutes and that was all it took to get the house marginally picked up.

I don’t know why the Lord has claimed this time in our life for what feels like a break-neck speed. But I do know He has me strapped in tight. I need only hold on to Him….and remember to use poo-taste every morning and night.

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