I put the pajamas over her head and hope that the word sprawled across her chest is true. Dreamer. IIs my Peanut a dreamer? I wonder how we got the pajamas in the first place. I buy almost nothing for the girls, have been ridiculously blessed by hand me downs and doting grandparents. The PJ’s she is wearing are baby gap, so I am sure I did not buy them myself. Are you a dreamer? Does God speak to you in dreams?

I want to believe that God does not withold dreams from a two year old simply because she is two. I want to believe in a God who gives beautiful, marvelous, even prophetic dreams to a two year old, simply because He loves her, and she would think they were wonderful. Surely God knows that about my baby. He made her after all. 

Lately the Peanut has been playing with a co-conspirator or two. It is either a monster named Grrr, or Monster, and Grrr. Either way he shows up mostly in the car and is always blamed for taking of the Peanut’s shoes. While we were on vacation he sang an entire verse of Row, Row, Row Your Boat for our entertainment. It was delightful and hilarious. Imagine a two year old attempting to sing in a deep growly monster voice all the way through a song. 

We know that she has an incredible imagination, but is she a dreamer? I hope that she dream dreams that are bigger than her tiny self. With players that are beyond her tiny scope. I want her to dream the things of God, and live them here on earth.

Perhaps those pajamas were merely hand-me-downs. But I will choose to believe that prophecies can be worn on someones chest, and found in a bag of pre-worn clothing. 

1 thought on “Dreamer

  1. amen- I absolutely believe your precious two year old, squig, is definitely a dreamer.. no doubt. Don’t forget to dream yourself girl. You’ve cleaned your house, now take some time with the Lord to start your summer right! He can give you dreams of your own… you are HIS two year old daughter!

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