A chat

Today I was reminded through a serendipitous encounter at the Target that the Lord is calling me to stand in the gap for a place I once was.

And I said: I don’t know if I want to do that

And the Lord said: You do want to do that, the question is why won’t you

And I said: I don’t know how

And He said: I will lead you. Plus I don’t really believe that.

So I said: Not everyone will get it. Some people will think I am an idiot, other people might accuse me of being patronizing. I don’t want to be mis-understood. And then punished for the misunderstanding. That sounds hard.

So He said: You read the gospels lately, that is pretty much how my story goes. It is hard, but that doesn’t mean I am not calling you to it. It will be worth it love. I promise. You know what I want you to do.

And I said: I’ve been sitting on it so long I thought maybe you had forgotten, or changed your mind.

And He said: You know I don’t do either of these things.

And I said: You gonna help me?

And He said: I always do.

And I said:I know.

And He said: I know you know. But I am happy to remind you every once in a while. Now go. Get to the gap standing.

1 thought on “A chat

  1. Yes God, I will go… Yes God, what you are calling me to is most likely hard because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t need you to do it… Yes God, thank you for your patience with my flesh, loving me, being gentle with me when I need it and pushing me when I have my heels sunk in, thank you for having the best for me even when I don’t realize it is the best. Yes God, I believe… Yes God, I trust… Yes God….

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