Weaning, then what?

I was directed through various blog rabbit holes, to the places in the Bible where God describes himself as a breast feeding mom. I do certainly feel like I have learned a lot more about the heart of my God since I have become a parent. (This is not to say others who are not parents cannot come to the same conclustions, it is simply the route I have taken to get there.)

Any way, yes, I am lactating. I don’t pump at work because frankly I hate it. (I was about to type something in here about how I am a selfish mom, then I heard the voice of a girl in my first period who told me I had to be nicer to myself. I love that God put her in my class. I hear her truth resonate in my head often. Look at me, giving myself grace. Way to go New Year’s Resolution!) I will scream like a banshee for a woman’s right to breast feed wherever and pump when needed. But personally, I don’t want to exercise that right. We have been doing the “when I am here we breastfeed, when I am not take a bottle thing,” but the Rooster and my body are getting confused which leads to an unhappy mommy and baby.

There are a number of other reasons but short story long, we are weaning at our house, which made me consider this verse. God does that for us. He weans. He doesn’t just cut us off, he gets us ready for the next thing (hello pureed carrots!), grows us up, prepares us for changes.

Sometimes we are reluctant to wean, we like it just the way it was thank you very much, but it needs to be done. Sometimes we are hungry, we have been followiing that fork for sometime and we just want it to go in our mouth! And eventually we become like the 4 and 6 year olds that we spend so much time with. We are doubtful that we ever needed breast milk in the first place, let alone miss it. What a silly concept.

The Lord is weaning me off of external validation. He weaned me off of identifying myself in my job this summer and fall. What about you, what are you being weaned off of? And can you see your next thing? I am hopeful that I can….hopeful about the big juicy steak God has for me….once I am ready. I just need to grow teeth first.

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