Whats up with the Peanut?

A lot happens in a month when your kid has only had 15 of them. I read somewhere that there are different types of mom, and you shouldn’t feel terrible if exclaiming of itty-bitty baby toes and waiting in line to hold the youngest member of your extended family isn’t your gig you shouldn’t sweat it. Not everyone is ALL ABOUT BABIES! I seem to fall  into this camp. This summer I feel like the Peanuts personality is really starting to show through and she is so, so funny! She really is quite a ham. If she finds out something will make you laugh or clap for her, get ready to see it repeatedly. Her new tricks include:

-Standing up all on her own. She then proceeds to clap for herself and yell “Ya-ehhh!” If you don’t join the cheering the first time she will cheer louder until you join in.

-Singing the EIEIO part whenever Old MacDonald is sung or played. If she wants to you to sing it because nothing else is going on she will look at you and repeat EIEIO until you figure it out and start filling that farm.

-Using many things as a walker so she can tool around the house but NOT walk. She seems to be adamant about that not walking thing……

-Counting to three, and leaping on top of you at three (her dad taught her this one). If you don’t brace to catch her or hold out your arms she will repeat two. twooooo. TWOOO until you comply

-And the trick I am not a fan of… when things aren’t going her way she pitches quite an impressive fit. She throws herself on the ground and bangs her hands and head on the ground screaming. At church we tried to ignore it so she rolled until she was hitting Christian’s shoe and proceeded in the screaming.

Over all it has just been really fun to be her mom lately. I am beginning to see what the Bible is talking about when it says that God delights in His children. I know all this stuff that the Peanut is doing is developmentally appropriate. But I can’t help but think because she can point at the cheese dip and yell mmmmm MMMMM that my child is not only the cutest thing in all of Atlanta, but also a communication genius.

3 thoughts on “Whats up with the Peanut?

  1. I'm with Aunty E'm (hmm Dorothy now there's an all American name)I miss her and you and Christian. Come to Toledo I hear jeep is expanding and 1,000 jobs will be here soon. Can you say UAW? When my granddaughter does it it is not a fit. It is a full body affect display with vocalization.

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