But then…..

I have been having a pretty crap-tastic day. A day where nothing is really wrong per say…..It is just that nothing seems to be right. And the worst part is I can’t even blame it on anyone. That’s right. I said it. I always feel better about my circumstances when I have someone to rage against, sometimes even say bad things about, at the very least be smarter than.

It started on Friday. My principal called me into his office to let me know I was being surplussed….again. This time last year I was on maternity leave, so I wasn’t made aware of the fact that I would no longer be working at the school I was familiar with. Instead, my name would be thrown into a pot where principals would pluck people out as they needed them. I would have a job, and I would find out exactly where a week or so before I had to report. Awesome nothing like reporting to a new school with a new baby, leaky boobs, and a breast pump. The first conversations I had with my department head and my principal were about my boobs and my need for a pumping room.

This time it turns out there IS something like reporting to a new school talking about your boob-related needs. In August of next year I will report to a school in the “visible and hugely pregnant” stage of pregnancy. My first conversations will be about when I am going on maternity leave (at the last possible second) and what will  happen if that second comes before I thought (when I had Juliet everyone was sure I was waiting “too long” and I would have the baby on the floor under my desk while my class listened to me scream in agony…yeah they weren’t huge on natural birth. I had to get my midwives to assure everyone I was in fact perfectly able to continue to work.) Awesome, Hi! I am your new teacher….see you in January! Way to build a strong reputation with my students…..a population that needs a lot of face time.

I managed to ignore the fact that I wouldn’t be at the school that I have ADORED working at this year the whole weekend. But today I had to submit my top three choices of where I would like to move next year. This doesn’t mean I get them. This just means I am allowed to state my preferences. So I started today by choosing the place I don’t really want to be moved to next year.

Then my department head dropped by and let me know that the EOCT was being given and one of the teachers was out. Since you have to have a certified teacher to be in the room, a sub couldn’t cover. So third block instead of planning (read: occasionally falling asleep in my car) I would be administering a test. Now between the pregnancy and this being Juliet’s first year I have had to call in so last minute there was no sub. Which means the people in my department have had to cover me so I am NOT complaining about having to cover someones class. The issue is I forgot my lunch today. And since I didn’t have a planning I didn’t have time to go get anything.

Still, no problem. I’ll just eat the old bag of microwave popcorn I randomly found last Friday and Hey! I think I have some change in my wallet, enough for a can of coke. Perfect, I can just pretend I am at the movies. So I wander down to the teachers lounge, start the popcorn, put my money in the machine and hit the button. When I reach my hand in to get the can it gets wet. And there is a tiny line of coke spraying out of the corral that holds the newly dispensed drinks. On the way to my hand my coke has sprung a leak and I am instructed by the head janitor to throw it directly in the trash behind me. And anybody can tell you, you don’t screw with Miss Vicky. So into the trash it went. And I had no more money, and nothing to drink….and less than fifteen minutes to eat my crappy popcorn lunch.

I was pretty thirsty when the bell rang. I asked my kids if they had change for a five but no one did. Crap. Out of luck. But then…..One of my amigos gave me a dollar, so I could get a coke. Which makes me feel like my kids appreciate me. And on my way down to the machine I ran into a teacher in my department who assured me she was trying to “scheme a way for me to stay” which doesn’t give me a lot of hope but makes me feel like someone cares I am leaving. I had been feeling like it didn’t matter to my co-workers as I had only been there for a year.

And all of this reminded me what a brat I was to God about being surplussed the first time…..so here’s to hoping that either the schemes work, or I will be even happier with my next placement (which I couldn’t imagine…..but God is bigger than my imagination.) Cheers (with my coke, that my kid bought me.)

1 thought on “But then…..

  1. You never know where your blessings are coming from. Speaking of pregnancy have you talked to Christian about Johnscilla (the baby girl name not the monster in the double BB Japanese horror? flick)?

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