Be careful what you lick

A week or so ago we were all hanging around on the bed after we had folded some laundry, the husband, the peanut and myself. I was running in and out of the room, probably putting away the ridiculous amount of shoes I had out. Probably not. Probably thinking about how I should put them away while I walk past them repeatedley and avoiding the copious amounts of clothes I have been leaving on the futon re-organizing for a month and a half.

Anyway, the peanut was crawling around on the bed testing things out by, you know, putting them in her mouth. (My cousin calls this the dog stage.) She managed to pull the ac adapter chord out of the baby monitor and was staring intently at it. I then left the room and figured her dad would keep this day from turning into babies first emergency room trip. The next thing I know I hear a cry come out of the room….

From the husband! Turns out the peanut put the ac adaptor in her mouth and made a face like it didn’t taste very good. I am sure it doesn’t. Christian thought, surely if she is reacting like that it has to be no, or very little shock. Apparently the baby has a high pain tolerance? Who knows. But your tongue does in fact complete the circuit.

How many times have I done this in my life, looked at somebody else and said, “I know that is not the best idea, or exactly in God’s plan…….but they haven’t gotten burned by it! Surely I can get away with it too!” You can guess how many times that thinking has worked out for me……

Oh, and after we got done laughing hysterically about it, the husband asked me, “This is going to go in your blog, huh?”

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