In which I become an internet sensation because my baby chokes on dog food

We’re having a little problem at our house. Our kid is a dog food lover. She has gotten increasingly mobile in the last couple of days. She scoots all around the house and is delighted when she gets under things, the excersaucer, the end table, the dining room table. In her new found mobility she has also found the ultimate goal of cruising around on her belly.

The peanut is totally into the dog food. She makes a bee-line for it and none of her favorite toys can distract her. Not even the stuffed dog that can say and spell her name. Heck, not even the actual dog can distract my child from the dog food. She loves it.

She loves playing in the dog food, playing in the water, and most importantly (and unfortunately) shoving as many pieces into her chubby chubby cheeks as she possibly can. Until, of course, some mean parent comes by, jams their finger in her mouth and makes her get rid of everything in there she was storing for later. It is truly gross. And a little dangerous, as she bites your finger with her four sharp teeth the whole time you are getting the dog food out of her mouth.

When I posted the dilemma on Facebook my two dear sisters pointed out that perhaps the eating of dog food is genetic. They cited the one time I ate dog food, in a car, because my two lovely sisters dared me to do it. Thanks guys. Now the whole world knows that you tortured me that I ate dog food. But the presiding parental sentiment was that I should let her do it because she will anyway. Alas, dog food is a choking hazard and I really don’t want to be the parent who let her kid choke…..on dog food. Imagine the headlines.

But maybe my sisters are on to something. She may not get the dog food loving from me, but I can’t deny I like things that are bad for me. Exhibit A: Reality television, especially anything featuring the Kardashian sisters. This can’t be good for me, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. And Netflix offers episode after episode on demand. It’s bad. Exhibit B: Food, in college I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and two pints of Ben and Jerry’s for dinner on more than one occasion. Because I could, also because I could and only go a tiny bit over my meal plan. I wish I still had a meal plan.

I can’t be the only one. Anyone else attracted to the proverbial dog food in their life?

2 thoughts on “In which I become an internet sensation because my baby chokes on dog food

  1. Peanut is only blazing the trail. Think of the things she will entice her brothers to eat just for the fun of it. I wanted to stop your sisters from feeding you Skippy food but it was just so doggone cute. (The last sentence is a joke and not true. The truth is they were sneaky).

  2. I'm totally fighting the battle of dog food and water bowls at my house too. My dogs do not understand why their bowls are no longer in their designated spots 4/5 of the time these days.Just last night, as I saw him pick up something off the floor and stick it in his mouth, I actually found myself thinking "Well, I hope that's a piece of dog food and not a rock or something." That might be the sound of surrender, huh??

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