A shift in content

Sometimes you come home from a conference in Birmingham where the Lord tells you something so in line with what your heart wants you are afraid to think it might be true. You aren’t sure how to make it happen. You tell Him it doesn’t make any sense for these things to be true. You tell God He should have either told you before you started a family and your husband applied to graduate school or He shouldn’t have told you at all.

But the women at the conference were talking about stepping in to the “God margin.” The place where you do a little bit and let God multiply that little bit so that He can produce the desires He gave you in the first place. And yet you only speak the dream out loud to one sister, not wanting to disappoint anyone else when you too get disappointed.

The dream in your heart won’t be ignored. God crafted it just for you, and the more you ignore it the more you want it so desperately to be true. So at small group where you pride yourself on being transparent you ask for more faith for doing “something” God has called you to.

They pray, or at least you figure they do because that was Wednesday, and by Friday the Lord has reminded you that in many ways He has created you to create . And there is a blog that has not been touched since Barack Obama was elected President, and don’t you think it would be fun to take your dad along for that ride too.

You tell God no one read that blog before, why would they read it now. It does not make any sense for you to start that thing up again. He tells you that really isn’t any of your concern. I asked you to be obedient, not to make sense. So here you are, on a Friday morning as your students watch a movie, because it is Friday, you are tired, and this student group learns ridiculously fast as long as you can apply the lesson to a movie.

But also because not only did God ask you to be obedient, He supplied you the free moment to do so. And if only by a millimeter, in your obedience the Lord grows your hope, and your faith, and the dream that He has planted.

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